Saturday, 19 October 2013

Fast cars and twisted trousers

Christmas came early for the little Sunnysiders of Whippy Cove today, in the shape of a large box filled to the brim with some brand new dress up and role play equipment

This generated tremendous excitement among the little Reception learners, because role play happens to be one of the most popular activities at Sunnyside School. The moment the box was opened, the setting was bustling with busy builders, lollipop men and women, firefighters, nurses, paramedics, and policemen. 

It was during a wrestling match between Mrs Organised, a pair of policeman's trousers and a little learner, (as Mrs Organised desperately tried to get the trousers over the little learner's shoes without removing them first, a tack tick that incidentally seldom works) that Mrs Organised asked the little learner what he knew about the role of a policeman. 

Having had many conversations with little learners in the past about policemen and their role within the community, she wasn't at all surprised when this particular little learner said exactly what all little learners say, and that is "they chase the baddies". However, when the battle with the trousers was finally won and the little learner was able to stand unaided, he added, "He can't do any watering jobs you know!"  Rising to her feet, an exhausted and slightly light headed Mrs Organised asked, "Why is that then?" "Because he hasn't got a hose!" Came the emphatic reply. "But he goes to school sometimes", continued the little policeman learner  "to talk about his nee-nars!" did ask Mrs Organised!

A policeman chases baddies

A policeman chases baddies
As everybody knows,
He can't ever deal with fires,
'Cause he hasn't got a hose!
A policeman's at his happiest
When chasing round in cars,
Especially when he has the chance
To turn on his nee-nars!! 

"Not so fast Sunny Jim.......I believe it's my turn to do the nee-nars!"

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