Sunday, 17 November 2013

Wheels, whistles and whiffs.......Part one

Who remembers the little learner who spoke to Mrs Crayon some time ago, about his smelly baby sister and the effect her smelly nappies had on the neighbours? Or what about the little learner who fell in the playground and sustained a microscopic injury, but was devastated to find that a wheelchair would not be forthcoming? Does anyone remember the little learner who was desperate to demonstrate to Miss kind his ability to whistle, but when the moment arrived for him to perform his newly acquired skill, his whistle had mysteriously vanished? His explanation......."I can whistle..........but only on different days!" 

Well.......whether we remember them or not, these three stories have now been given the Mrs Crayon rhyming treatment.   

This first rhyme is inspired by the little learner who demanded a wheelchair following a tumble in the playground. If we recall, his injury was rather difficult to detect with the naked eye, however the tearful little learner was insistent that a wheelchair be found to transport him back to the classroom. After all, as he correctly pointed out to The Team, "They have wheelchairs in airports you know!"

Broken bones

My leg is slashed to ribbons.
My blood lies spilt across the floor.
My leg bones are all broken,
I fear I can't walk anymore!  
I feel so very dizzy,
The pain is too hard to bear.
My only way back to the classroom,
Is on a stretcher or in a wheelchair!  

"I'll just sit 'ere and wait for me wheelchair shall I!"

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