Monday, 18 March 2013

Mysteries and triangle cheese

A thought crossed Mrs Crayon's mind today as she emptied the contents of her heavily laden dust pan into the bin. Where else (other than in a Reception setting) would you see a policeman's helmet, filled with an enormous dollop of playdough, laying at the bottom of the waste bin?

This curious vision, set Mrs Crayon thinking about some of the other more unusual sights and sounds that the team experience on a regular basis, but probably don't give a second thought to, simply because they are part and parcel of the normal working day in the Reception class.

Things like: a starfish (with a broken leg) in the scissor drawer, a cheese triangle in the home corner washing machine, a photograph of a team member on the bottom of a little learner's shoe, a Lego Man encased in a glue stick.

However, without fail the little learners will have a their own unique  explanations at the ready, should they be asked about these strange happenings. 

Take for instance, the case of the starfish in the scissor drawer.
"That's my pet sea star!" Said a little learner to a mystified Miss Kind when she came across it just the other day. "I bringed it to school in my pocket. He had a bandage on his leg but it falled off."
Miss Kind then found herself living up to her name yet again, by helping the little learner to make a new bandage for the "sea star!" 

 As for the policeman's helmet with it's playdough filling, well... Mrs Crayon didn't even go there with that one. She decided that some mysteries are best kept as... mysteries! 

"I mean...honestly, do I look like a pair of scissors?"

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