Tuesday, 12 March 2013

A snowy surprise and Lego eyes

Snow fell on Whippy Cove today. 

Last week the little learners were dreaming of Spring as they sewed their grass seeds. Today they dreamt of putting on their snow gear and heading out into the garden to build a snowman.

Well... this afternoon the little learners' dreams came true! Mrs Very Jolly and Mrs Caring braved the arctic temperatures and took small groups outside to play. But not before each little learner was layered up to their eyebrows with warm clothes and waterproof everything! 

Despite the abundant layers, the excited little Sunnysiders managed to move their limbs well enough to run around and scoop up snow to build an unusual, but nevertheless rather splendid snowman.

Mrs Organised, Miss kind and Mrs Jolly all stayed in the warm, to either assist the little learners to remove their waterproofs, ring out and hang up their wet hats and gloves to dry, remove wellie boots, or to help reunite little learners with their shoes, preferably the exact same ones they came to school in.

Mrs Crayon however, was nowhere near the wellie and waterproofs mountain, she was in the classroom with the red cheeked little learners who had come in from the cold.

This particular group of little learners was most insistent that she should look out of the window to see how their snowman was progressing. With his satsuma nose, Lego eyes, ivy twig arms, flowerpot hat and a pair of what looked like pyjama bottoms for a scarf, Mrs Crayon felt he was shaping up superbly. 

So, it came as quite a surprise, when she returned to check on the snowman building crew less than a minute later, to see that the snowman had completely and mysteriously vanished! After rubbing her eyes and looking again to see if the snowman had miraculously reappeared, Mrs Crayon observed Mrs Caring walking around the garden with the head of the snowman tucked under her arm.
She then watched Mrs Caring ram the snowman's head onto what was left of his snowman body, before adjusting his pyjama scarf and coming back indoors.

Mrs Crayon just about managed to create a quick sketch of the snowman before the tears in her eyes prevented her from seeing clearly! 

"I didn't break him!"
"And I definitely didn't break him!!!"

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