Friday, 1 March 2013

Bottle tops and playdough blobs

The little learners had an idea today..and it was a jolly good one!

They decided to transform the home corner into a sweet shop. So, this afternoon out came the rolls of coloured cellophane and just about everything that was small and sweetie shaped was wrapped in it and popped into large plastic sweet jars.

Milk bottle tops were wrapped, along with Multilink cubes, counters, blobs of playdough, and all manner of small pieces of construction. By the end of the afternoon there were sweeties aplenty, enough to supply everyone living in Whippy Cove and beyond. 

As the little learners wrapped and stacked their sweeties, some of them became mesmerized by the effects of looking through the different coloured cellophane at everything around them.

Upon observing the little learners reaction to the cellophane, Mrs Crayon hastily cobbled together a pair of card and cellophane glasses. Before she had the chance to try them out, a long queue for cellophane glasses had formed, and so for the rest of the afternoon Mrs Crayon found herself making umpteen pairs of glasses for umpteen little learners.

 The sight of little learners wearing over-sized spectacles, reminded the team of a very famous and much loved tv comedy duo from the good o'l days of yore.    

"And it's goodnight from me..."
"And it's goodnight from him!"

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