Wednesday, 6 March 2013

More seeds, more dust!!!

It's been another very busy and fun filled day. 

The little learners chomped through their daily diet of new sounds and new words, then for pudding they revisited the concept of measure. This time however, the focus was on capacity and weight. 

Groups of little learners enjoyed experimenting with sand and water, filling different size containers and determining which containers were the lightest and the heaviest. They attempted to make accurate predictions about which containers would hold more and they recorded their findings on clipboards with great enthusiasm.

Little learners love clipboards! It is a very common sight to see little learners patrolling the setting during their free play with clipboards, making notes on this and that, then more often than not asking members of the team to sign on the dotted line as it were! Who knows what the team has signed for over the years!!!

 This afternoon as the sun shone down on Sunnyside's little garden, Mrs Very Jolly worked with the last few little learners to make their grass heads.  Once their tights and stockings were stuffed with sawdust and seeds, the little learners brought their creations indoors to Mrs Crayon who was waiting to help them to create faces for their grass heads. 

As the little learners came in one by one, Mrs Crayon wondered why each of them had more than just a light dusting of the seed and sawdust mix all over their coats, in their pockets, and even in the turn ups of their trousers. Then Mrs Very Jolly walked in covered head to toe in the sawdust and seed mix...and then Mrs Crayon new why!!!          

Dusty little learners, seeds, sawdust! There's definitely a doodle in there somewhere Mrs Crayon!!!

Sewing seeds in the Spring,
Is a GLORIOUS thing.
And all the children in our class,
Think it's fun to WEAR their grass!!!

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