Friday, 15 March 2013

Four arms and flappy ears

"Aliens love underpants!"

Not a fact, but the title of a picture book by Claire Freedman, and story of the week for the little learners in the Reception Class at Sunnyside school.

The little learners have so far this week, looked in detail at the story's rhyming text and the colourful illustrations, and they have also participated in lots of alien type activities. 

One such alien activity today, involved the little learners inventing and painting  their very own alien. The Reception team knew they were in for a real treat, given that this particular group of little learners is so imaginative. They were not disappointed! The little learners spent ages creating some brilliant and incredibly detailed aliens. 

Aliens, must have been on one little learner's mind this afternoon, when he boldly marched up to Mrs Jolly and announced. "When I'm bigger, I'm going to have four arms. My skin will be blue and my wrists will have green fluff on them!"

There wasn't a tremendous amount Mrs Jolly could say to that. Mrs Crayon on the other hand couldn't wait to get home and start painting and rhyming!!!!

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