Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Green hair and shiny eggs

"Five shiny eggs golden and brown!"

No... not one of Mrs Crayon's hearty breakfasts, but the title of one of the songs the little learners will be performing later in the week, as part of their Easter celebrations.

It is Easter week!!! So the little learners launched straight into Easter makes of all kinds today. The classroom was filled with brightly coloured tissue paper, crepe paper, card, paints, glue, tape, shiny bits of this and fluffy bits of that!

 The makes included miniature gardens, Easter cards, Easter boxes (in readiness for a certain rabbity visitor later in the week) and Easter bonnets for the forth coming Easter bonnet parade.

"I'm excited for the Easter bonnet parade!" Said a very animated little learner to Mrs Crayon today.
Before Mrs Crayon had the opportunity to respond, the little learner was off and gone. Approximately ten minutes later, the same little learner returned and with a quizzical look on her face, she said to Mrs Crayon.
"What is a bonnet?"

This wasn't the only incident that brought a smile to Mrs Crayon's face today.  Little learners have started to bring into school the grass heads they made with Mrs Very Jolly a few weeks ago. 
How could anyone forget the seeds and sawdust fiasco, where little learners and Mrs Very Jolly alike, ended up covered in grass seeds and sawdust following their grass head making activity. (See "Handy gadgets and stuffed stockings")

Well, those very same little grass head characters, are now sporting lush green hair dos, and this makes them impossible to look at without laughing out loud!!!

The team laughed at them a lot today and Mrs Crayon felt duty bound to  doodle their transformation!!!

   Just look at me for a little while,
And I guarantee that I'll make you smile!!!

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