Friday, 22 March 2013

Funny notions and magic potions

What do magic potions and outer space have in common?

The answer is of course, the little learners of Sunnyside School!! 

Those little Sunnysiders have got all inspired about the planets and they have requested to learn more about the subject. So the team has responded to this request, by seeking out a wide variety of fiction and non fiction books to share with the little learners. They have also created an "outer space" area in the classroom where the little learners can "outer space role play."

This afternoon Mrs Jolly found several large boxes, suitable for the little learners to use as spacecrafts, and the little learners found colanders and saucepans from the home corner to use as space helmets.

So, whilst in the classroom little learners were sitting in boxes with kitchen utensils on their heads, in the garden more groups of little learners were indulging in their other area of interest which happens to be magic potions. 

The team provided the little learners with all manner of water filled containers  in which they could mix and stir their potions  and the little learners found grass, leaves, sawdust, sand and compost to add to the water. The result was delightful!!!

One very hard at work little learner downed his tools for a moment and announced to Mrs Organised. "I know how to make chicken casserole." 
"Well there's a coincidence!" Replied Mrs Organised. "I'm cooking chicken casserole for my tea today, how do you cook your chicken casserole?" She asked. 

The little learner went on to list his casserole ingredients which included: broccoli, cabbage, carrots, potatoes, sausages and most important of all, something called... chicken "goozons." The little learner assured a very curious Mrs Organised that she would be able to buy "goozons" at the supermarket, when she enquired about their availability. "They're near the fish fingers!" stated the little learner.

Good luck with finding those "goozons" Mrs Organised. You could be roaming the supermarket aisles for quite some time!!! 

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