Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Handy gadgets and stuffed stockings

Welcome back little learners! Welcome back team! 

And a very warm welcome to any new readers to 
Sunnysiders 2012!

 The little learners rushed into the classroom this morning, bursting at the seams to share their half term holiday news and adventures.

The team heard wonderfully detailed stories about, flat batteries, "chicken pops", wallabies, birthday parties, and nail varnish!

It was evident that the little learners had enjoyed their half term break. They also seemed equally happy to be back with their friends in the little school called Sunnyside.

After a morning of phonics, story, and numeracy activities, the little learners enjoyed an afternoon of expression and creativity. 

The construction equipment made up of the cogs and gears that produced the "Chinese plunger" recently, is proving extremely popular among the little learners.

This afternoon a little learner couldn't wait to share his magnificent cogs and gears construction, with Mrs Caring.

"It's a gadget to help people." He told her excitedly.

He went on to explain that his gadget, at the one end, could release people if they're were trapped in a toilet, and at the other, it could help people to find things if they were having trouble with their "rememembories."

Mrs Very Jolly and Mrs Crayon in particular have trouble with their "remembories" when it comes to finding their glasses. So the clever little learner's brilliant invention will be a very handy classroom gadget indeed!!!

Mrs Very Jolly worked with the little learners outside making grass heads today.

This involved the little learners filling sections of tights and stockings with grass seeds and sawdust and then creating funny faces on the front. With careful and regular watering the grass seeds will germinate and grow, eventually creating a stylish hairdo for each grass head.

By the end of the day, there was a row of delightful little grass heads sitting on the classroom windowsill, looking every bit as happy and smiley as the little people who created them!

Well done little learners! The team anticipates some outrageous and original hairdos!!!

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