Thursday, 7 February 2013

Dominoes and Little Mo

It was Mrs Caring's turn to enter the jungle den and put her hand in Lester the hungry lion's mouth today.

Apart from the letters and words the little learners are encouraged to feed Lester, Mrs Caring also retrieved the following items: A set of dominoes, two pastry cutters, a pig puppet, four pegs, a pair of PE shorts, a small (but very informative) book about fire fighters and a courgette.

It is a well established fact, that little learners love to post all sorts of things in all sorts of places, the puzzling thing is how they manage to do it without anyone noticing! They are absolute sleight of hand champions. To date, no grown up at Sunnyside School has ever spotted a little learner posting something they shouldn't, somewhere they shouldn't. If the grown ups were able to see the little learners up to their tricks, then every puzzle would be complete, every felt pen would have a lid and every little learner would have two plimsolls!!!!

This afternoon the little learners welcomed a very special visitor into the classroom. This tiny little visitor at 14 weeks old, trotted in with the shortest legs imaginable and a teeny weeny tail that just did not stop wagging. 
Mo, is Mrs Very Jolly's new puppy and her visit was arranged to coincide with the little learners' current animal topic.

The little learners adored Mo, and Mo adored the little learners. Miss Spic and Mrs Span, the very special people responsible for keeping Sunnyside School shiny and bright, will adore Mo too, when they find out that she's eaten all the squashed playdough off the carpet! 

No need to vacuum tonight ladies!!!

More please!

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