Friday, 15 February 2013

Busy days and holidays

It's really true! The Sunnysiders break for the half term holiday today, and what a busy six weeks it's been.

In between trips to the jungle, visits from sniffer dogs, playdough eating puppies and tea drinking parrots, looking at rhyme, addition, and money, making hand puppets, papier mache puppets, camouflage hats, Chinese hats,  biscuit baking, pancake flipping, pancake racing, learning new sounds, blending new words, and inventing the all new... "Chinese Plunger," the Sunnyside little learners have continued to make huge progress in all areas of their learning and development.

The time taken to change for a PE session has now reduced to just a few minutes, and it is only the odd one or two little learners who enter the hall with plimsolls on the wrong feet. But little learners everywhere are forgiven for this mistake and that's because plimsolls are very strange things. Even when they are on the right feet, they look as though they are on the wrong feet.

So with all this increased independence and self reliance, it came as a bit of a surprise today, when Miss Kind heard her name being called (with some urgency) from the little learner toilets.

"Miss Kind! Miss Kind!" Came the little voice. "Come quick!"

Fearing there might be the real need for a "Chinese plunger", Miss Kind took to heels and dashed to toilets at some speed.

"What's wrong poppet? Are you alright?" She asked, practically stamping out the flames on the heels of her shoes.

"I'm fine!" Replied the little learner very calmly. "I just wanted to show you the robots on my pants!"

Miss Kind nearly feinted with relief!

So, all that remains to be said now, is that the Sunnysiders will be back on Monday 25th February for more fun and learning. There will also be compost, bulbs and seeds. Songs about Spring, Mother's Day and growing and no doubt if one little learner is to be believed, Uncle Robin Hood and his Easter Egg deliveries!!! 

Happy half term little learners! Happy half term team! Happy half term faithful readers! 

Robot Pants

"I love ice cream, I love scooters.
I love cats and elephants.
But what I love most of all... 

...Are the robots on my pants!"

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