Sunday, 10 February 2013

Teacups and feathery friends

There was a moment today, when the team thought they'd suddenly and inexplicably fallen asleep and experienced some sort of weird and wonderful dream, whereby an African Grey Parrot flew once round the classroom, with a small plastic tea cup in it's mouth. The parrot then gracefully came to rest on the shoulders of it's owner, and sat quietly and calmly to study the 30 pairs of wide eyes all staring back at it.

However, this was no dream, the team really did see such a thing... and what's more, so did a classroom full of very excited little learners.

The parrot in question belongs to one of Sunnyside's little learners, and she very much wanted to introduce her exotic pet to her school friends.

The little learners recently met an extremely friendly and chatty parrot, when they visited the Whippy Cove Tropical House, so they were very eager to meet  and chat with Jean the African Grey. 

Jean didn't say much though, mainly due to the small plastic tea cup that she  chose to keep firmly in her mouth. She did however take the whole business  of meeting so many little learners in her stride. She sat quietly on the shoulder of the very kind daddy who brought her in, while the little learners asked parrot related questions. 

Fortunately, there were no concerns about Jean finding traces of playdough on the classroom floor to eat, that was all taken care of by Mrs Very Jolly's puppy when she came to visit the other day. The carpet has never been so playdough free!!!!

"I'm sorry, we're right out of playdough. Would you like a piece of freshly baked Lego with your tea!"


  1. you are very clever Mrs Winsland, thankyou for including the childrens experience with Twigs in your blog. I love the illustrations, you should illustrate childrens books professionally. well done

    1. Thank you. It was a wonderful afternoon and one that the little learners and team alike will never forget.