Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Pancakes and Chinese makes


Happy pancake day everyone! Happy Chinese New Year Everyone! 

The little learners have been celebrating both in equal measure today. This morning it was all about the pancakes. That is, making them and then eating them with Miss Kind and Mrs Crayon, where as this afternoon the little learners participated all manner of Chinese New year themed makes.

Miss Kind supported groups of little learners to make Chinese fans, Mrs Very Jolly worked on the Chinese masks table and Mrs Crayon helped the little learners to create Chinese New Year hats.

One little learner decided he didn't want to make a fan, or a mask, or a hat. Instead he headed straight off to the construction area. Some time later he marched up to Mrs Crayon waving an unusual construction that he'd put together from a variety of plastic cogs and gears.

"Look what I've made Mrs Crayon." Said the little learner bursting with excitement.
"Wow!" replied Mrs Crayon. Desperately trying to find the end of the sellotape for the umpteenth time.  "What have you made?" 
"It's a Chinese plunger!" Declared the little learner.
"Oh!" Said a somewhat surprised Mrs Crayon. "What do you need a Chinese plunger for?"
"To clean Chinese toilets!!!" Came the emphatic reply.

Fancy not knowing that Mrs Crayon!

"When we've eaten all our pancakes, let's make plungers!!!!"

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