Saturday, 2 February 2013

Hand puppets and sticky feet

Inspirational week is certainly living up to it's name!

So far this week the little learners have met; PC Mick, the Police dog handler and his trusty four legged colleague Bonnie, Malcolm the puppet man and an author of children's picture books.

Today was a particularly industrious day, with wall to wall inspirational activities on offer.

The little learners had the opportunity to bake cakes, experiment with oil pastels in their paintings and make puppets of varying kinds.
Some little learners chose to make hand puppets with Mrs Jolly. This involved them having a go at real sewing with little learner friendly needles. Other little learners chose to work independently, making puppets from junk. And then the bravest little learners of all, chose to make papier mache puppets with Mrs Very Jolly.

Mrs Very Jolly loves papier mache activities and she is known for spreading her love of it twice round the classroom and all over the floor. On one sad and sorry occasion  her enthusiastic approach  caused a dinner lady to stick to the floor! The poor lady only came in to return a mislaid lunchbox, but then found she was unable to leave. So, it was with some trepidation that Mrs Crayon agreed to carry out her cooking activity just a few feet away from Mrs Very Jolly's papier mache table.

However, the morning's activities were a huge success. The sewing circle produced some beautiful and highly original hand puppets. The junk modelers created a wonderful variety of puppets from yogurt pots, cereal packets and cardboard tubes. And the chefs baked biscuits of every shade of brown imaginable, (depending on who remembered to get to the oven in time before they turned black!)

And then there was Mrs Very Jolly's papier mache. Let's just say..... least said!

"I only came in for a dustpan and brush......but that was three days ago!!!"

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