Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Green tights and helpful uncles

Hurrah! The Sunnysiders are off timetable all this week.

This week is "Inspirational Week." This means everyone at Sunnyside School will have the opportunity to participate in exciting activities, led by various visiting artists and performers.

The idea is that after taking part in these exciting activities, all learners in every year group, will be inspired to take their experiences and newly acquired skills, and use them in their own independent creative activities throughout the coming week and hopefully beyond.

The Reception team can't wait to see what their little learners will come up with, because as it is, they are naturally very inquisitive and extremely imaginative.

Take for instance the little learner today, who sidled up to Mrs Organised and whispered in her ear. "Do you know... my Uncle, is Robin Hood." 
Mrs Organised learnt that "Uncle Robin Hood" helps the Easter Bunny every year to hide Easter Eggs for the all the children of Whippy Cove to find.

The team never cease to be amazed by the little learners' wonderful and original imaginings. And it's moments and conversations like the one about Robin Hood that, as far as the Sunnyside team are concerned, make the job of caring for and educating the littlest learners in school, such a brilliant one. 

It goes without saying that it also provides Mrs Crayon with the best ever doodle material.

"I've laddered my tights! So I'm not coming out!!!"

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