Friday, 11 January 2013

Slow coaches and leafy hats

Mrs Crayon went into the PE cupboard today to find some beanbags for a PE session. However, what she actually came out with was a monstrous fake (but very realistic) fur tree. After staggering back to the classroom with said fake fur tree and leaving a trail of overturned pencil pots and broken Lego towers in her wake, she carefully dismantled the tree and arranged it's branches all around the animal den. 

She then thought it would be fun for the little learners to make camouflage hats for when they played in the den. Subsequently, one of the activities today involved the little learners making leafy hats from a variety of collage materials.

The little learners thoroughly enjoyed this activity and once they'd made their hats, they were very reluctant to remove them. So, during today's whole group numeracy input, Mrs Very jolly appeared to be teaching a classroom full of cheery tree saplings.

Today was the first PE session of 2013, and whilst the changing time has reduced dramatically and the time doing PE has increased greatly, there are still one or two little stragglers who tend to sit around and wait for the PE fairies to come along and do the changing of clothes bit for them.

Miss Kind, who is known for her endless patience, spent a great deal of time this afternoon encouraging a little learner to change back into his uniform following PE in the hall. There was some urgency as it was almost three o'clock and home time for the Sunnysiders. 
"You're doing very well." Said Miss Kind. "But you need to try really, really hard to speed up a little bit."
The little learner stopped what he was doing (much to Miss Kind's dismay) and said...

..."But my Mum taught me to do it really slow!"

Miss Kind had no words!

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