Monday, 14 January 2013

Sharp teeth and little postmen!

The first little learner to walk through the door this morning, held up his school bag and proudly announced. "I've got two books and a crocodile in my bag!" The very next little learner to walk through the door shouted at the top of his voice. "Good morning... kangaroos bounce on their tails!"

There is no doubt in the team's minds that the little learners are enjoying the current animal topic and just to confirm this further, there were plenty of squeals of delight when the little learners walked into the den to find a hungry lion, with his jaws wide open, awaiting their arrival. 

Lester the hungry lion is rather unique because instead of eating things with two legs or more, he only ever eats letters and words.
The idea is, the little learners name the letter then say the corresponding  sound. If they name it and sound it correctly, they can then feed to the hungry lion. Similarly, and depending on their ability, little learners who are able to blend words are given a  cvc word to blend, if they blend it correctly they can then post it straight into the lion's mouth.

It is a well known fact that little learners love to post things. 
Over the years the team have seen everything and anything posted everywhere and anywhere. For some little learners, posting things is essential to their learning and understanding of the world. So the team don't exactly  discourage posting, but it does need to be monitored.

So, to capitalise on this natural tendency to post, Lester has been created to support some of the literacy activities this week. It will be very interesting to see what else ends up in Lester's mouth as the week progresses. 

"Eat up all your sounds, then you can have some glue sticks."

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