Thursday, 24 January 2013

Deadly frogs and skinny legs

It was a very different day for the Sunnysiders today.

As the snow lay deep and crisp and somewhat uneven all around Whippy Cove, the little learners gathered their packed lunches, magnifying glasses and cameras and jumped aboard the Sunnyside mini buses. Their destination... Whippy Cove's very own under cover tropical rainforest.

The trip was arranged to give the little learners the opportunity meet first hand, some of the animals they've been learning about as part of their current animal topic.  

And what a wonderful variety of animals they encountered on their jungle journey! Everything in fact from a teeny, tiny, Poison Arrow Frog to an over grown guinea pig like creature called a Capybara.

Cameras were clicking non stop as the little learners explored their tropical surroundings, snapping not so much anything that moved, but more the ends of their own fingers, as they continued to cover the lens with them.
Never mind, the resulting photographs will never be as dreadful as Mrs Very Jolly's notorious, spooky, out of focus/headless offerings. 

The Flamingo enclosure caused much debate among the little learners. The debate being, how to actually say the word flamingo correctly. The little learners were saying all the right sounds... just not necessarily in the right order! By lunchtime, the team had heard so many variations of the word flamingo, that not even they could say it properly. So from that point on it was agreed to only refer to them as, "those skinny pink birds!"

"We need to be very quiet... he's going to take a picture of a Flangmenco!"
"It's not a Flangmenco, it's a Flingmengo!!!"


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