Friday, 18 January 2013

Long queues and missing teeth

Mrs Very Jolly braced herself as she approached the jungle den at the end of today, in anticipation of what she might find lurking in Lester the hungry lion's mouth. Nervously she put her hand in and pulled out, a plastic cow, a wax crayon and a plate. In total disbelief, she rummaged around further feeling sure she'd find more, but no, that was it, there was nothing more! Still, it's early days yet, who knows what the team might find tomorrow.

Mrs Crayon's literacy activity which involved the little learners posting sounds and words into Lester's mouth went extremely well this morning. Little learners were queued up twice round the den to feed Lester their sounds and words. They even went the trouble of serving them up on a plate.

One little learner in the feeding queue, was clutching his word in one hand and a paper towel in the other. When Mrs Crayon asked him why he needed the paper towel, he told her that his tooth was wrapped up inside it. It seems his tooth fell out whilst he was playing outside and somehow he managed to catch it before it hit the ground. He went on to tell her that the tooth fairy will  come and take his tooth away and turn it into gold. The little learner then began to speak about his Daddy who apparently has no teeth at all, only holes where his teeth should be. He said that it was his Daddy's birthday today and he was going to be very, very old.
"Just how old is Daddy going to be?" Asked Mrs Crayon curiously.
"Twenty four!" Replied the little learner.

Mrs Crayon is sure she'd had just been spun a very long yarn indeed. However, it made for an irresistible doodle.

"I'm going to need the blender son!"

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