Tuesday, 2 April 2013

"DO YOU KNOW?" Number 1

Despite it being a very busy and hectic week last week, the little learners still found time from all their Eastery activities to share some of their "do you know?" gems with the Sunnyside grown ups.

As we found out recently (in "Funny thoughts and wet toes") whenever a little learner approaches a grown up in the setting with the words, "do you know?", the grown ups will immediately reach for the nearest post-it pad to note down the inevitable gem of information that follows.

As last week was a great week for inevitable gems, Mrs Crayon would like to share them with you all, over the next few days. She hopes you will enjoy them every bit as much as the team did.

So here is today's "Do you know?" little learner gem. Enjoy!!!

"Nothing's happening!... I must have got the wrong whistling day!!!"

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