Friday, 19 April 2013

Cozy fish and tricky slugs

Something happened yesterday afternoon that made Mrs Crayon cry. When Mrs Very Jolly heard about what it was that made Mrs Crayon cry, she cried too! 

The tears were of course tears of laughter, so Mrs Crayon and Mrs Very Jolly would like to share with you all what it was that made them cry and subsequently made their afternoon!

It all began when a little learner sidled up to Mrs Crayon (who was busy firing staples into a display board at the time) and said the three little words the Reception team hear so often during the school day. "Do you know?" 

Mrs Crayon immediately downed her staple gun when she heard these words, for she new something entertaining was about to be imparted to her.

"Do you know?" Said the little learner in question. "My Mummy is really clever, she can crochet."
"Wow!" replied Mrs Crayon pulling up a chair to sit down for a minute. "What's crochet?" 
"You don't use a pin." Said the little learner confidently. "You use a stick!"
"A stick?" Questioned Mrs Crayon. "So how do you actually crochet with a stick?" 

There followed a long and thoughtful pause from the little learner, giving Mrs Crayon enough time to seek out a post-it pad and pen to note down what she believed would be a detailed account (from this particular little learner) of how to crochet. After tapping his chin for what seemed an age, the little learner drew breath and said. " cro...... and then you chet!"

And that was when Mrs Crayon cried!!!

The little learner went on to tell Mrs Crayon that his Mummy had crocheted a warm sleeping bag for his fish. Just as Mrs Crayon was contemplating how much a sleeping bag would hinder a fish's mobility, the little learner clarified that it was actually a toy fish. He also told her that his Mummy was "really good at crocheting snails", but that she was still learning how to crochet slugs! Slugs are more tricky apparently!

So this morning, Mrs Crayon and Mrs Very Jolly were thrilled when upon his arrival into the classroom, the little learner proudly presented them with his fish, complete with it's brightly coloured and beautifully crocheted sleeping bag. 

Mrs Crayon and Mrs Very Jolly await (with great excitement) the arrival of some crocheted slugs and snails into the classroom!!! 


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