Saturday, 27 April 2013

Toothy jaws and dinosaurs

My teeth are sharp
And I can bite.
You'll find my bones,
On the Isle of Wight!

What on earth could Mrs Crayon be referring to in this daft ditty of hers?
The answer is of course, dinosaurs!! (More about dinosaurs and the Isle of Wight in a minute.)

At the beginning of the week the Reception team of Sunnyside School, asked the little learners to think about how they would like the role play area to be set up, now that the subject of space has been completely exhausted and the team have wiped out all the supermarkets of their large boxes/space rockets.

The little learners didn't need long to think about their role play preference because the immediate answer that came back was unanimous and resounding. "Dinosaurs!!!"  

Following a bit of constructive chit chat, it was decided to transform the area into a dinosaur museum, "The Sunnyside Dinosaur Museum" to be precise. 
Mrs Jolly headed straight off to the back of beyond, otherwise known as the art cupboard and returned a little later with a box full of replica dinosaur fossils. Just like that!

The fossils were made a few years ago by the Sunnyside learners of the day and the very clever people of ecclestongeorge public artists. Following Mrs Jolly's brilliant dinosaur discovery, Mrs Crayon ventured off to the back of beyond and scrabbled around for a bit before coming out for some air!!! Her return trip in, yielded some large sheets of craft foam on which she thought the little learners could paint some colourful dinosaurs.

In no time at all "The Sunnyside Dinosaur Museum" was off to a flying start.

And now, at the end of the week the museum is all but complete, with it's display of dinosaur fossils (and magnifying glasses through which to study them) it's hand painted and all the colours of the rainbow Sunnysideosaur hanging from the ceiling, it's arrangement of fascinating dinosaur fact books and leaflets, a multitude of dinosaur stories and a mini dinosaur dig area.

THE SUNNYSIDE DINOSAUR MUSEUM is now well and truly open for business!!!! 

The little learners choice of role play, is quite by coincidence, extremely timely as The Isle of Wight has just been crowned the dinosaur capital of the UK by the Natural History Museum. Not only that, the island is preparing to go Walking With Dinosaurs as it is partnering with BBC Earth Films and Twentieth Century Fox, to bring Walking With Dinosaurs: The 3D Movie, to the island this summer.

To mark this major event the island will be featuring hundreds of dinosaur events throughout the year. It's all terribly exciting!!! It seems that quite by chance the little learners have set the dinosaur ball rolling right in the middle of their classroom by deciding to go all dinosaury .

The team is wondering whether the new dinosaur movie will feature the rather rare (if not hardly ever heard of)  Spottystripysplodgysaur of Whippy Cove. 
Probably not!!! 

Live dinosaurs are rare
You'll be lucky if you see 'em,
So we've made one of or own
For our dinosaur museum!

To find out more about Walking With Dinosaurs: The 3D Movie, visit isle of wight walking with dinosaurs

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