Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Treasure trails and pirate ships

WELCOME BACK EVERYONE to the little school called Sunnyside,  where for the last seven months we have been following all the daily goings on of the Sunnyside little learners in the Reception Class.

As another new term begins, it's astonishing to think that the littlest learners attending Sunnyside School, have just one term left in the Reception class, before they move on to year one to begin the next chapter in their school life journey. 

The team are so very proud of each and every one of them for the tremendous progress they have made so far, in all areas of their development and learning. 

However, before the team can even think about waving farewell to this particular group of cheery little learners, they have heaps more fun and learning opportunities planned for them to experience and enjoy.

The topic for the first half of the summer term is all about the place in which the little learners live. Now, for anyone who regularly visits Sunnysiders 2012, they will already know that Sunnyside School is set in the heart of the little seaside town of Whippy Cove. What they may not be aware of is that Whippy Cove can be found on the south-eastern side of the beautiful Isle of Wight.

Over the coming weeks the little learners will be looking in detail at all aspects of the island and to start the topic off, Mrs Very Jolly was keen to find out what the little learners already know about the island and if they have any understanding of what an island is.

On the smart board she showed the little learners a map of the island. She then asked them to name the places they know, or places they have visited so that she could find them on the map. The activity took far longer than Mrs Very Jolly anticipated, as each little learner was very keen to point out where their nanny lives. As a result, it appeared initially that the only places on the island were Sunnyside School and lots and lots of nanny houses!!!

Eventually after careful rephrasing of questions and the odd bit of steering in the right direction, it turned out that the little learners had a very sound understanding of their island home. Following on from the discussions, they went on to produce their own amazingly detailed island maps, complete with nanny houses, pirate ships, treasure trails and treasure chests.    

Well after all, as anyone who lives in the Isle of Wight knows, you only have to walk a few steps in any direction and you'll find yourself tripping over a treasure chest!!!!

Well done little learners for some brilliant maps and well done for a brilliant first day back!!!



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