Friday, 3 May 2013

Diamond sea and furry builders

The sun shone brightly on Whippy Cove today, making it the perfect day to take in some fresh Whippy Cove sea air.
And that's exactly what the Sunnyside learners and team did this very afternoon. They all went for a walk!

The current topic is "Where we live", so the idea of the walk was for the little learners to make a note of the local landmarks and observe the various different features of their seaside town. Like it's grand Victorian hotels and guest houses for example and it's variety of church buildings.

A walk around Whippy Cove would not be complete without a stroll along the esplanade, taking in the golden sands and the sparkling sea of Whippy Cove beach. And oh! How the sea sparkled this afternoon. As the excited and noisy little learner convoy made it's way along the sea front, the team couldn't help thinking just how fortunate they all are to live, work and go to school in such beautiful surroundings.

Before the walk had even begun and everyone was outside school waiting to set off on their adventure, Mrs Caring asked the little learners next to her to take a close look at the church situated in the Sunnyside School grounds. She asked them whether they thought the church was an old or new building.

"I know that it's old." Said one little learner immediately.
"How do you know it's old?" Asked Mrs Caring.
"Because it's made of stone!" Replied the little learner very definitely. "And I can see bits falling off it."

Mrs Caring was very impressed with the little learner's accurate observations and she was even more impressed with what the little learner said next.

"The building is so old." She went on. "That it was made by bears!"
The little learner was adamant that she was right about this fact, saying that the church "was made before there were people and there were only bears!"

Could it really be so, that Whippy Cove's historic buildings were built by bears?
If it isn't so, it's a truly wonderful thought. 

Mrs Crayon carried that thought all the way home and after a cup of tea she created a bear related doodle!


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