Saturday, 25 May 2013

Black belts and yellow hair

Once upon a time, three bears take a walk in the woods while their porridge cools. While they are out..........

Now there's a very familiar opening to a very familiar and much loved traditional story. But has anyone out there ever heard of this lesser known version of 'Goldilocks And The Three Bears', entitled 'Yellow hairs And The Three Karate Bears.'

In this delightful version, to pass the time while their porridge cools, The Three karate Bears join the army. They put on special clothes to make themselves look like trees and bushes and then they sit in the woods for an hour or two. When they get fed up with sitting about pretending to be trees and bushes, the three karate bears head home to their house, the kind of house "what's stuck to another one" and has a giant attic in the roof in which they store their toys. As they walk home, Baby karate Bear takes it upon himself to run on ahead of his mum and dad. He reaches their semi detached house long before they do, allowing him plenty of time to eat Yellow hairs all up!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is definitely an unusual twist on one of the most popular fairy tales in the English language, but the team believes it to be one of the most original. This version of course, comes straight from the imaginings of one of the Sunnyside little learners and it was told to Mrs Crayon this week, when the little author took part in a literacy activity to create his own three bears' story.

As 'Goldilocks And The Three Bears' is the story for this week, there are lots of bear related activities on offer for the little learners to participate in. For instance, they've all been invited to bring their favourite bear into school to use in a still life drawing activity. The team have been amazed at the quality of their bear paintings so far, so much so in fact, they will now take pride of place  in the hall so that everyone at Sunnyside School can view them. 

A Three Bears' role play area has been created right next door to 'The Sunnyside Dinosaur Museum'. If they so desire, the little learners can roll right out of Daddy Bears' bed straight into a dinosaur dig area, then pop back again for a hearty bowl of nicely cooled fake porridge! 

The classroom is wall-to-wall teddies of every size, shape and colour. It's not so much 'Goldilocks And The Three Bears' as 'Goldilocks And The Thirty Bears'. When their teddies are not being used for the observational drawing activity, the little learners have been dutifully tucking them up in a big bed on the floor in the role play bears' cottage. Their teddies look terribly comfy and cosy snoozing away under the mound of covers and pillows the little Sunnysiders have provided for them. And when the teddies awake, they will find thirty bowls of lime green, (ginger smelling) playdough waiting for them. Yummy!!!!!!!  


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