Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Bright sparks and Sunnyside larks

Uh-Oh! It's happening again!

The Reception team at Sunnyside School have gone all reflective and sentimental. It happens every year at this time and it's something the team just have to work through!! They will snap out of it eventually though, usually at the start of new term in September, when it's time to welcome the new intake of little learners into the Reception Class for the first time.

So what is it exactly that has prompted all these feelings of nostalgia? Well... it's pretty obvious really. It's always at this particular time in the academic year that it becomes evident how far the little learners have come in their development and learning. Each of them has become an independent, self reliant and confident little learner, who is excited and eager to undertake new challenges and experiences. The team feels so proud of them all, and it's these feelings of pride that has a tendency to make the grown ups turn all silly and soppy for a bit.  

A fine example of how far one little learner has progressed in her learning and understanding, came to today during a P.E. session outside. 

The little learner in question ran over to Miss Kind and whilst bouncing her football up and down, she told Miss Kind that she was going to get her mum to buy her a parrot, so that she could teach it "about sounds and trigraphs." Yes.... trigraphs indeed!

The team have to constantly remind themselves of the fact, that some of these clever little learners are still only four years old, and yet here they are wanting to teach parrots all about trigraphs if you please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To celebrate this time of reflection, the team have created a photographic display (to share with parents and carers), documenting some of the most memorable moments from the little learners' year so far.

It was only when the display was complete and the team stood back to look at it for a moment, did they fully appreciate firstly, just how busy the little learners have been since last September, but also, how many different people they've been lucky enough to meet from the Whippy Cove community.

How could the team forget the first of two visits from the local constabulary, when the little learners were insistent that the only thing a policeman did all day long, was to run around arresting baddies and carting them off to prison!

Flashing lights and cumbersome bandits

Then there was the wonderful afternoon spent with Elvis the lollipop man and his portable zebra crossing, when the little learners misunderstood his question and ended up giving him a run down of the phonic sounds they'd been learning.
However, the little learners had great fun dressing up in Elvis' lollipop attire and ushering each other across his roll out road.
Lollipops and zebras

There have also been visitors of the furry and feathery kind to the Reception classroom. Like Mrs Very Jolly's teeny weeny puppy Little Mo for instance. Little Mo trotted in on the shortest legs imaginable and spent the afternoon eating playdough crumbs off the carpet.
Dominoes and Little Mo

A day or two later, the little learners welcomed Jean into their classroom. Jean is an African Grey Parrot, who upon entering the classroom, took an instant liking to a little red teacup she found in the home corner. She held it firmly in her beak for the duration of her visit, as if waiting patiently for a refreshing cup of tea!   
Teacups and feathery friends

In addition to meeting Little Mo, the little learners were also lucky enough to meet Bonnie the sniffer dog and Sasha the guide dog, when they visited Sunnyside School earlier in the year. Other visitors included, PC Matt the dog handler, four fire fighters from Whippy Cove's fire station and the lovely ladies from the local senior citizen keep fit class. The ladies demonstrated their keep fit routines to the whole school and before long little learners and staff alike were on their feet joining in, flailing their arms and legs this way and that!!!

As well as welcoming people from the community into school, the little learners have been out into the community meeting all sorts of interesting people, like the public Artists from Ecclestongeorge. Mr and Mrs Creative and the ingenious Daring Dan Recycle Man, invited the little learners along to Whippy Cove beach to take part in The Big Draw Project. The little learners had the most wonderful time mark making in the golden sand, with a variety of brilliantly hand crafted little learner friendly tools. The little learners were then invited back to the artists' studio to see some of Daring Dan's amazing, whacky and truly inspirational inventions, before everyone sat down together to eat their packed lunches and to sing songs!  The aftermath of their picnic would have kept all the seagulls living around Whippy Cove, very happy and full for several days to come!!!!!
Beach School and The Big Draw

Another very memorable occasion, was the trip the Sunnysiders made to one of Whippy Cove's finest restaurants, where every little learner had the opportunity to make and eat their very own pizza. As the waves crashed on to the beach below them, the little learners sat in the cosy restaurant and crunched and munched their way through their bespoke handmade pizza, followed by yummy Malteser cake and ice cream. If there had been a pattern on their plates, the little learners would have eaten that too!!!! 
Funny green things and jam
There have been many other truly memorable and wonderful moments with  the Sunnyside Reception Class of 2012. The great thing is, there is still plenty of time left to create lots more!

Stay tuned!!!!!!! 

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