Friday, 31 May 2013

Grazed knees and remedies

It comes to something when this trusty piece of paper...

... the humble paper towel, mopper upper of all manner of drips and spills, mender and soother of every kind of little learner bump and scrape, friend to all early years practitioners everywhere, just doesn't cut the mustard! 

Under normal circumstances, the paper towel once folded and dampened with a little cold water, will comfort and satisfy even the most hysterical of little learners following a falling down. Under normal circumstances, after some paper towel remedy, a little learner will be back on his feet, dashing hither and thither, in readiness to take a tumble again... and again!

However, an incident took place very recently, whereby the aforementioned paper towel was about as useful as a roll of sticky tape with no visible end (and no hope of finding it), when there is a long queue of little learners all relying on someone to find it because it's the last roll left in the whole school and all they want to do is join a few boxes together before home time!!!!!  (A very familiar scenario to plenty of early years practitioners!)

The incident in question happened on a beautiful sunny afternoon last week, when the little learners were enjoying a PE session outside on the playground.
The objective of the PE session was for the little learners to practice their ball skills, so this involved them using bats and balls and footballs of varying sizes and bounce!
It was all going swimmingly, until one by one, little learners started to fall down, sustaining very minor scrapes to their knees mostly. After a check up and some paper towel remedy from the grown ups, the little learners were back on their feet again and scoring goals within minutes.

However, one little learner to come off the pitch, did so in floods of tears and nursing a very minor injury to his knee. Mrs Crayon immediately sprung into action, and armed with a paper towel and some comfort, she was ready to fix the little learner up as quickly as possible, in order that he could rejoin his friends before it was time to go in.  

The one thing Mrs Crayon didn't expect from this particular little learner, was that he would become almost hysterical at the mere mention of a paper towel, let alone allowing one to come into contact with his knee. After much persuasion, Mrs Crayon managed to get the little learner to agree to the dampened paper towel, and although it successfully stemmed the drip of blood from his knee, it did nothing to calm his mounting hysteria. When he did eventually calm down, the next hurdle to conquer was the walk back to the classroom.

This was never going to be an easy thing to do, when you are a bent double little learner, unable to straighten you're wounded knee or put any weight on it. But that was the vision that befell Mrs Crayon, as she gathered up the stray footballs left on the playground. A crooked little learner, hobbling along at a snails pace, grabbing everything and anything along the way to steady himself, until finally giving up and collapsing on the steps leading into school.  

"Are you alright  poppit?" called a concerned Mrs Crayon from the playground.
"No!" Cried the little learner from his resting place on the steps. "I tried to walk but it wasn't very exciting..............................I think I need a wheelchair!"
When Mrs Crayon finally caught up with the little learner on the steps, she sat herself down beside him and whilst struggling to keep control of all the stray balls she was holding, she turned to him and said. "I'm really sorry poppit, but I don't have a wheelchair."
The little learner looking more wounded than his knee, replied, "But they have them at airports!!!"

Mrs Crayon knew where she could lay her hands on a wheelbarrow, but she thought better of it! 

"I'll just sit here and wait for a wheelchair shall I?"

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