Thursday, 9 May 2013

Novelty cars and holiday camps

It's pens, paper and clipboards at the ready as the team will be asking the little learners lots of questions (but in a fun and informal way) all this week. 

The team want to find out what each little learner enjoys doing most in school, what it is they find tricky and need help with and what it is they think they're good at. In addition, they also want to ask each little learner what it is they believe in. This last question relates to Sunnyside School's motto which is, "Inspire, Believe, Excel" and the little learners' answers will form part of a school motto display in the classroom.

The team relish every opportunity to chat with the little learners on a one to one basis, likewise, the little learners are always very happy to stop what they're doing for a moment to chat with the grown ups. 

One of the reasons why little learner conversations are so enjoyable, is because more often than not, they tend to veer off on a delightful tangent, to the point where everyone has forgotten what the original question was, but nobody ever minds because they've all enjoyed a jolly o'l chinwag!

The Reception team at Sunnyside, would therefore love to share with you the results of some of the conversations that took place today.

So, in their own words, (or word in some cases) here are some of the little learner answers to the question, "What do you believe in?"   

The team Believe that the little learners of Sunnyside School, are absolute superstars and it's thanks to each and every one of them, that the team have such an enjoyable time being part of their education.    

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