Monday, 3 December 2012

Festive fun and holy hair clips

Christmas has come to Sunnyside school!

Alongside the daily diet of focused phonic and number activities, the little learners are now involved in lots of christmassy fun and frolics.
As one little learner perfectly stated to Mrs Very Jolly today. "When you put your teeth in your smile, that means you're very excited!"
Judging by Mrs Crayon's doodle the grown up Sunnysiders seem to be just as excited as the little Sunnysiders that Christmas is on it's way.

The team have turned a blind eye to the current glitter infestation, in fact Mrs Caring didn't bat an eyelid when she found purple glitter in her wrap at lunch time and Mrs Jolly was very nonchalant about the fact that when she blew her nose she found silver glitter in her tissue!  The team have given up pointing out to one another that they have glitter in their eyebrows, and it's par for the course for them to walk around with glitter spangled playdough stuck to the bottom of their shoes.

 This week rehearsals begin in earnest for the Sunnyside Christmas nativity. Mrs Organised is living up to her name and organising the production. She needs to find donkeys, sheep, cows, shepherds, kings, an innkeeper (and his wife) and of course the stars of the show, Mary and Joseph, or as the little learners call him, "Jovis."     
Then there's songs to be learnt, costumes to be made and a hall to decorate.

This afternoon Mrs Crayon worked with a small group of little learners to make a start on the Christmas displays. She wanted the Mary, Jovis, and the baby Jesus part of it to be completely their own work. Those clever little learners did a wonderful, wonderful job. Mrs Crayon was particularly thrilled with the baby Jesus who came into being complete with flowery hair clips!!! 

Happy Mary
Startled Jovis
Pretty baby Jesus

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