Friday, 7 December 2012

Floppy antlers and crunchy carpets

There was an explosion today, an explosion of glitter the like of which has never been seen before at Sunnyside school.

The little learners were joined by the slightly older learners from years one and two for a day of festive makes. Before the grown ups had drawn breath to warn them all to go easy on the glitter, the damage was already done and the pattern on the carpets had instantly vanished under a monstrous covering of multicoloured sparkles.

 The little learners made glitter coated paper chains, glitter encrusted robins,
paper plate reindeer, with antlers made floppy due to the copious amounts of glitter weighing them down, lanterns, wreaths, and tree hangers all of which were doused in a mountain of glitter. 

Glitter was spread to all the corners (and the bends) of Sunnyside School and by the end of the afternoon everyone seemed oblivious to the fact that the carpets they were walking on were crunchy under their feet! Everyone, with the exception of poor Mrs Spic and Miss Span, who openly wept into their dusters when they saw and felt the glitter mound that greeted them when they arrived to clean.

However, the glitter madness inspired Mrs Crayon to want to write a rhyme and create a doodle. So during a walk on Appleville Downs with her dog Mrs Crayon wrote the following verse.

We spread it here...

We spread it here, we spread it there,
We spread our glitter everywhere.
It's in our eyebrows and up our nose,
It's even in between our toes.

At night we brush it out our hair,
And shake it from our underwear.
It's in our milk and on our lunch,
It gives our food that added crunch.

It makes our parents groan and say,
"Please don't bring it home today!"
But glittering is so much fun...

...So let's get spreading everyone!!!

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