Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Hot ears, warm hands

The team have long been aware of the mystical and magical properties of the humble school paper towel.

When folded three times and dampened with water, this very uninspiring little piece of blue absorbent paper becomes the healer of all manner of bumps, bruises, grazes, scrapes, headaches, tummy aches and sore throats. It also has other (non medical) uses such as, a hand wipe, table wipe, floor wipe, bicycle wipe, in fact a wiper of anything anyone cares to wipe! It is indeed the team's best classroom friend.

The little learners adore the paper towel in all it's forms and will use them in their thousands given the opportunity.
So, it came as a bit of a shock to Miss Kind, when first thing this morning a little learner actually refused her offer of a dampened paper towel following a slight bump to his ear.

"But your ear does look a little red." Said a concerned Miss Kind."
"My ears are always red!" Came the reply loud and clear. "That's because.... I always have a temperature in my ears!" 

 The paper towel didn't go to waste, Miss Kind used it to mop up her tears of laughter!   

"Ahhh! Who needs gloves when we've got your ears!"

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