Thursday, 20 December 2012

Christmas crumbs and wise reindeers

There was another explosion today at Sunnyside School! 
But it wasn't glitter this time that covered the floors and surfaces, it was bread, biscuit and cake crumbs. 

Today was Christmas party day for all the little learners. It was a day packed with much fun and merriment, lots and lots of food and a visit from a very special man in red. The little learners were beside themselves with excitement at the thought of meeting Father Christmas (in the grotto that Mrs Very Jolly and Mrs Crayon hastily threw  together yesterday) and they couldn't wait to put in their Christmas present orders which consisted of everything from a laptop to a word search magazine.

When the day was done and the little learners had all gone home, Mrs Very Jolly, Mrs Jolly, Mrs Crayon, Miss Kind, Mrs Caring and Mrs Organised  took to the grotto and collapsed in a heap with a cup of tea.

They were soon joined by Miss Spic and Mrs Span who were already weeping uncontrollably into their dusters!!!

Never mind ladies..... Just one more day to go!!!  

Here is today's interesting Christmas fact.

"The sticky up things on a reindeer's head are chicken feet!"

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