Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Glue sticks and wise donkeys

There has been a definite flurry, if not a frenzy at times, of Christmas makes going on among the little learners recently and today was no exception.

The team want the little learners to be able take home as many Christmassy bits and bobs as possible at the end of the week, so the classroom looks very like Santa's workshop at the moment. The tables are covered with shiny paper, tissue paper, cellophane, sequins,glue sticks, sellotape and of course the inevitable mound of glitter! And just like happy little elves, the little learners have been singing Christmas songs as they work. 

They have also been imparting to the grown ups (as they've been beavering  away) some little known but terribly interesting, Christmas facts.

With the help of Mrs Crayon the team would like to share some of them with you all.

Here is today's interesting Christmas fact.

"Father Christmas lives at the North Pole.... You know near Portsmouth"

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