Friday, 21 December 2012

Nativity and happy endings

At last, after weeks of learning new songs, many many rehearsals, making costumes and props, the Sunnyside Nativity came...and went today!

However, there was a slight hiccup, (just before things got started) when Mrs Very Jolly spotted the empty crib on the alter of Whippy Cove Church. She hastily signaled to Mrs Crayon to run back to school and grab something, anything, to fill the crib. Mrs Crayon took to her heels, grabbed the first thing she could find in the classroom and was back before anyone knew she'd even gone.

The little learners sang like angels and made the team cry, along with all the parents, grandparents, and friends of Sunnyside School. It was the most wonderful and uplifting way to end the little learners first term in school.

So that is it, the term has ended, Christmas is here and after the holiday the fun and learning will continue.

The team would like to wish you all a very, very happy Christmas and a peaceful new year.

See you all in January.

We've lost our baby Jesus

We've lost our baby Jesus,
 We can't find him anywhere.
We've searched in all the cupboards
 And looked under every chair

We thought he had ascended
 To the roof of our shed,
But sadly, we were mistaken,
 It was a basket ball instead.

But never mind, all is well,
Because we've found another one.
our brand new baby Jesus, 
Is as yellow as the sun!!! 

When you need an understudy,
Let it be a Teletubby!!!

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