Monday, 17 December 2012

Missing V.I.P!

The Sunnyside Nativity draws ever closer. The little learners have been practicing (daily) the songs and words they'll be performing and if the dress rehearsal from today is anything to go by, the rafters of Whippy Cove church will be raised high on performance day.

There is just one teeny tiny thing concerning the team and the little learners as it happens and that is, the baby Jesus they have been rehearsing with since the very beginning, seems to have gone missing!!!

The little learners reported seeing him at one point on the shed roof in the playground. However when Mrs Very Jolly went to rescue him, there was no baby Jesus unfortunately......only a basket ball! An easy mistake to make.

So the hunt is on. Baby Jesus must be found before Friday's performance or the unthinkable may have to happen and an alternative baby Jesus will have to step in!  

"Come back Baby Jesus, we really miss you!"

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