Thursday, 29 November 2012

Funny green things and Jam

The Sunnysiders are having so much fun meeting some of the people who live and work within the Whippy Cove community.

They have already enjoyed spending time with Mr and Mrs Creative and Daring Dan Recycle Man, the talented public artists from Ecclestongeorge, Elvis the friendly and helpful Lollipop Man, and WPC Zelda, PC Clive, and Sergeant Dudley, the bandit trappers extraordinaire.

Today, the little learners had the opportunity to make, cook and eat their own pizza, at the invitation of Mr and Mrs Cuisine, owners of one of Whippy Cove's finest restaurants.

 Twenty nine little learners took turns to dress their pizzas, under the watchful eye of chef Mr Cuisine and they were able to see their creations disappear into the pizza oven and then reappear as a beautifully cooked and deliciously smelling bespoke pizza.
Twenty nine little learners then sat down together in the restaurant to eat their pizza, along with the Sunnyside grown ups and several parent helpers.

It was a wonderful experience and one that will inspire some fun filled follow up activities over the next couple of days.

Funny green things and Jam

We made our very own pizzas,
We put on cheese and ham.
We put on funny green things,
And stuff that looked like jam.

They went into the oven,
which was very, very hot,
And when they came back out again,
We polished off the lot!!!

"Make it go higher, Mr Cuisine"!


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