Thursday, 15 November 2012

Flashing lights and cumbersome bandits

There was an air of great excitement about the place this afternoon.

The little learners went outside to the drive way and saw a police car with it's lights flashing and three members of the Whippy Cove constabulary standing next to it.

Sergeant Dudley, PC Clive and WPC Zelda were invited to Sunnyside School to talk to the little learners about the role of the Police within the community.
It transpired during the visit that the little learners had their own very definite ideas about what a Policeman does all day. They were extremely preoccupied with the crime aspect of a policeman's role. So when WPC Zelda asked the little learners what they thought a policeman's job was, the resounding reply was. "Catching the baddies!"
When she tried to get them to think about what else a policeman might do, they said. "Chase the baddies."
Sergeant Dudley changed tact a little bit and asked the little learners what might a policeman use to help him in his work. The general consensus was, a car to put the baddies in and a dog to bite the baddies. So it was no surprise to anyone that when the little learners were asked what does a policeman carry when he's walking about, they said. "The baddies... off to prison!" 

The little learners had great fun trying on police hats and jackets. They even had the opportunity to hold (very carefully) WPC Zelda's police radio.

Before leaving Sunnyside School (to go and catch more baddies), Sergeant Dudley ensured that the little learners clearly understood that a policeman is  primarily there to help and not just there to cart the baddies about here, there and everywhere.

Phew! There's got to be an easier way to make a living!!!!

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