Friday, 9 November 2012

Lollipops and Zebras

Sunnyside school welcomed a visitor this afternoon in the shape of Elvis, the local lollipop man.
In addition to the traditional tales theme currently running, the little learners are also looking at people who help them within their community. The team invited Elvis to come in to talk to the little learners about road safety.

He arrived in his full lollipop attire and brought his roll out zebra crossing with him so that the little learners could practice walking across the road in a safe and sensible fashion. He also brought a spare uniform for the little learners to wear when they took a turn at being a lollipop person.

To illustrate the dangers of a fast and busy road like the one close to Sunnyside School, Elvis showed the little learners a series of picture cards of  different kinds of vehicles. He asked the little learners to name each vehicle and then make the sound that particular vehicle made. So for example, when he showed them a car, he wanted the little learners to go "vroom! vroom!" Similarly with a police car, "nee nar! nee nar!"  However the little learners were on a completely different wave length to Elvis at that moment, and chorused the initial phonic sound for each of the vehicles instead. The team were very impressed!

Just before Elvis left to go and stand at the real zebra crossing, Mrs Very Jolly asked. "Does anyone have a question for Elvis?" 
It is always at this point that the grown ups hold their breath for what might come next, so when a little hand shot up immediately, Mrs Very Jolly tentatively asked. "Do you have a question for Elvis, poppet?" 
"Yes." replied the little learner. The little learner turned to Elvis and at the top of his voice he shouted. "Do you know what a post office is?"

Well, this particular little learner certainly did, (as his learnt all about it yesterday) he just wanted to check that Elvis did too.

"Mind the, c,c,car and the b,b,bus!"

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