Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Wide eyes and chatty hamsters

The first little learner to come bursting through the classroom door this morning, marched straight up to Mrs Crayon with his eyes as wide as he could make them, and declared. "I sleeped with my eyes open!"
Before Mrs Crayon could respond, the little learner had gone off to seek out his friends.

Several hours later, at home time, the last little learner to leave the classroom, tapped Mrs Crayon on the arm and beckoned her to come closer.
"My hamster repeats everything I say!" Whispered the little learner.

Whilst Mrs Crayon was trying to decide whether or not she had playdough in her ears, which might have been affecting her hearing, the little learner had gone out the door and was heading homeward. 

Both of these rather unusual comments came at a time when Mrs Crayon was unable to ask the little learners to elaborate, so as it was, it left her with food for thought and certainly food for a doodle or two! 

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