Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Billy goats and chirpy ogres

It was a cold and frosty morning in Whippy Cove. The little learners arrived at Sunnyside School (after their half  term break) suited and booted for the sudden drop in temperature. This will now mean a daily hunt for hats, scarves and gloves before the little learners go home, because just as there are meddling P.E. fairies, there are twice as many accessory fairies up to tricks and causing all sorts of mix ups.   

The topic for the next couple of weeks is traditional tales. It's a topic that leads nicely into Christmas and it's absorbing enough to keep the glitter at bay for just that little bit longer. Once the glitter comes out for the Christmas activities there is no turning back!!! 

Anyway, the traditional tale for the next day or two is, "The Three Billy Goats Gruff."  Mrs Very Jolly introduced the little learners to the story this morning and she asked if anyone could tell her what a troll is. "It's an ogre." said one little learner. "What's an ogre?" asked Mrs Very Jolly to the same little learner. "Well." said the little learner. "They live under bridges, and when you walk over them, they just pop up!!! How lovely.

 Mrs Caring worked with a group of little learners re-enacting the billy goat story. The activity was so popular that eventually as more and more little learners joined in, it became the lesser known traditional story of ... "The Twenty Five Billy Goats Gruff!"  It was a very long story, but it was a delight to see so many potential thespians in the offing.

The team can't wait for the little learners' forth coming production of, "Little Red Riding Hood." They have the feeling she could be eaten by a pack of wolves!!!


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