Friday, 2 November 2012

Wings and springs

Over the years, the team at Sunnyside have had many conversations with little learners about what they'd like to be when they grow up. For the little girls, becoming a princess has traditionally been a very popular option and for the boys, a footballer. In all the conversations that Mrs Crayon has personally had with little learners on this subject, not one of them said they'd like to be an inventor. Mrs Crayon would love to know therefore, whether Daring Dan Recycle Man ever had aspirations to become an inventor when he was a little learner, and whether he shared his ambitions with his teachers. What ever the answer is, Mrs Crayon has got all inspired about the idea of a little character who possesses a very inquiring mind and the ability to make stuff!
So, following several hikes on the downs of Appleville with her dog, Mrs Crayon has come up with this next offering.

He's small, he's feisty and he's not afraid of heights!

Daring Dan is desperate to fly. He may not have wings, but he has a cunning plan, a kite, several balloons and a whole lot of determination. All he needs now is a suitable launch pad and he's ready to take flight. It's that simple! Or is it? Lets hope the little lad has taken into account that, what goes up can sometimes come crashing down with a painful thump!


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