Monday, 12 November 2012

Angry ducks and forty-one legs

Miss Kind was issued with some sound advice this morning, as she was busy at the sink trying to release several paint brushes from a pot of hardened PVA glue.
"You mustn't leave the taps on." Warned the little learner. "Or else the ducks won't have any water!"
Miss Kind found herself turning off the taps immediately and leaving the firmly set paint brushes to soak in some warm soapy water. 

It is all things "Little Red Riding Hood" this week.

  • Discussing the characters and the setting of the story
  • Retelling and re enacting the story
  • Puppet making
  • Map making (the route to Grandma's house)
  • Counting the items in Little Red Riding Hood's basket
Later in the week the Sunnysiders will be welcoming another visitor from their community to come and talk to them about keeping safe. This time it will be a representative from the Whippy Cove Police Station.
So, it is shaping up to be yet another very busy week in the Reception Class at Sunnyside School. 

This afternoon the little learners disappeared off to the hall to join the year one little learners for a story (on the big screen) from India.
Mrs Crayon stayed behind to tackle the rock hard paint brushes and it has to be said that she made sure that the running of the taps was kept to an absolute minimum.  When everyone came back, Mrs Crayon asked one of the little learners what the story was about.
"It was about a man with ten heads, twenty arms and forty-one legs!" Declared the little learner.  That brought a smile to Mrs Crayons face after the arduous task of cleaning the gunged up paint brushes!

"Oh! For goodness sake, who left the taps on?"


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