Monday, 29 October 2012

Bare feet! Bear feet!

 Mrs Crayon has made an observation. Little learners like to remove their shoes and go about in their sock feet, or even their bare feet (if they can get away with it) at every opportunity. Whilst this is fine and jim dandy at home, it is a definite no no in a busy reception environment, where a seemingly innocuous piece of Lego can stab a little learner in the foot bringing them to their knees in searing pain in a trice. Therefore the golden rule is, shoes on at all times in school, with the only exception being a P.E.session in the hall where the floor surface is safe and free of troublesome pieces of construction. It is this observation coupled with an unremarkable comment from a little learner one day, whilst she was changing into her P.E. kit, that inspired Mrs Crayon to pen the following verse. The little learner in question asked Mrs Crayon if she needed to wear her plimsolls for P.E. " No not today, you're doing P.E. in your bare feet." Mrs Crayon told her. The little learner stared intently at her bare feet for a minute or two, then she turned to Mrs Crayon and said. " My Mummy calls them my bare feet."  It suddenly struck Mrs Crayon that it was possible the little learner had a different kind of bare feet in her mind when she made the comment. So that evening whilst walking her dog on the downs of Appleville, Mrs Crayon wrote....

Bare Feet

I don't like shoes and I don't like socks,
Laces are a pain and so are flip flops.
Tights won't stay up and plimsolls don't stay on,
I don't mind trainers, but I've only got one.

Wellies flop about and they hurt my toes,
Where my slippers are nobody knows.
I long to run about in my feet all bare,
But the grown ups frown at me and say. "Don't you dare!" 

I love my...

 ...Bare feet, bare feet, I don't have a care feet.
Stop and stare feet, don't you dare feet.
Out in the fresh air, in my feet all bare. 
That's where I want to be, barefoot and fancy free!

Sandals are okay every now and again,
but when I've got them on I still complain.
The only time I feel complete,
Is when I'm stepping out in my... 

...Bear feet!

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