Saturday, 6 October 2012

Conkers and chicken pox

Everyone at Sunnyside School loves to sing and Sunnyside School has a song for just about everything. Sunnysiders sing about, feeling happy, feeling sad, feeling angry, which incidentally is a huge favourite with the little learners as the actions include, slamming doors, stamping feet and shouting out,"That's not fair!" They sing of feeling left out, feeling included, making friends, breaking friends, days of the week, the seasons, counting, shape and phonics. They even have a song about conkers, chicken pox and going to the library. Consequently there is singing of some kind everyday at Sunnyside.
Mrs Organised is a champion at getting everybody to sing loud and with great enthusiasm. She can also play the piano, although not too often because as she says. "I play all the right notes... not necessarily in the right order!" 
"Mrs Organised, do you know I need the toilet?"
"No dear, you hum it and I'll play it!"


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