Thursday, 11 October 2012

Wizards and naughty dogs

There was a lovely moment today when a little learner came to Miss Kind  holding a piece of pasta to his ear. "I can hear a wizard." He told her.
"A wizard indeed." Said Miss Kind. "Yes." Said the little learner. "He wants me to come to his cave for sandwiches." He went on to tell her that he could also hear moaning turtles in the distance. Fancy that!
The conversation came about following a feely bag activity which involved the little learners sitting in a circle, whilst a mystery object concealed in a bag was passed around. The little learners were encouraged to describe how the mystery object felt before they took a guess as to what it might be.  One of the objects from the bag, which the little learners thought was a crocodile, was in fact a  conch shell. Once it was out of the bag, a whole new activity transpired where the little learners excitedly told each other and Miss Kind what they could hear when they put the shell to their ear. They spoke of mermaids, whales, starfish and all manner of underwater creatures, until one little learner piped up about his dog. 
"I used to have a dog." He announced.
"Oh." Said Miss Kind. A dog." 
"Yes." He said. "But I don't anymore."
"Oh dear, what happened to him?" Asked Miss Kind somewhat concerned, yet bracing herself for what might come next.
"He bited me on my finger and he bited my brother on his toe." Said the little learner.
“Oh dear me.” Said Miss Kind. “What did you do?”
“We taked him to a friends.” Explained the little learner. “But he bited her, so we left him at Morrisons!”
Miss Kind didn’t know what to say after that. Mrs Crayon however was so inspired by this sad and sorry tale, that when she went home, she wrote a short poem about it.


I once had a doggy,
He used to be such fun.
But, then he turned unfriendly,
And started biting everyone.
He bit me on my finger.
He bit my brother on his toe.
So my Mum got very cross and said,

“This doggy has to go!”

We took him to a friend’s,
To see if she could make him stop.
But he bit her on the leg,

 So we left him at the shop!

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