Thursday, 25 October 2012

Sing, sing, sing!.

The team can hardly believe that at the end of this week, Sunnyside breaks for half term and the little learners will have been in school for seven whole weeks. In that time, the team have got to know each little learner very well and they are extremely proud of them all for the way in which they have settled and embraced every aspect of Reception life.

The little learners have achieved so much in their first half term. They are becoming more and more confident, independent and self reliant. Their listening skills are improving daily, which of course has a positive impact on their learning. 

Miss Kind and Mrs Caring spent time today talking to the little learners about the activities and experiences they enjoy most in school. Almost without exception they all said playing with their new friends was their most favourite thing to do. The one exception came from a little learner who stated to Mrs Caring that his most favourite thing to do was make hats and sing Bruno Mars! That wasn't what she was expecting him to say at all.

One of Mrs Crayon's favourite activities is singing and performing with the little learners and today she enjoyed a whole afternoon of it. 
Mrs Crayon provided some "singing hats" for the little learners and they in turn   provided the entertainment.
The little learners decided to make tickets for their show and they set out chairs in rows for their audience. They sung all afternoon from their growing repertoire of songs to a very appreciative audience which included all the grown ups in the team at varying times throughout the performance.
Well done little learners! Roll on your next performance.


  1. By any chance, would that be Bruno and his Mars Bars spooning out his 'You're Amazing"? And I'm curious about the critter on Bruno's head? I think it could catch on...
    Well Congratulations to the little Learners AND the Team that carried them through their very FIRST TERM! Hooray to Everyone and I'd say without hesitation - IT'S MARS BARS ALL ROUND!!!!

  2. The fun really begins when everyone returns. 'Tis the season to spread glitter!!!

  3. Well I think this is where Mrs Crayon steps into her element, with the help of the little Learners. Red,Green and Silver glitter by the bucket Me thinks and lashings of glue!
    Nic- I am gobsmacked at where you find the time to be at School AND create the drawings and verses for your Sunnysiders blog each week. REALLY! Well done You!!

  4. Thank you Lynny. I have bags under my eyes the size of school satchels!