Friday, 19 October 2012

Beach School and The Big Draw

Today, the beautiful golden sands of Whippy Cove beach served as an outdoor classroom for the little learners, their teachers, and a group of very special arty grown ups. Mr and Mrs Creative and Daring Dan Recycle Man are community artists from Eccleston George Public Artists. A little while ago Eccleston George invited the little learners to their workshop/studio which is situated close to the beach, to participate in The Big Draw project.
The Big Draw is an annual event which runs throughout the whole of October as part of a national campaign to encourage drawing. The theme for this year is "Lines." The Eccleston George team made some wonderful tools for the little learners to use, and although the tools appeared to have no apparent use ,once in the hands of the little learners they could be used to create patterns and lines in the sand.
The little learners spent hours pushing, pulling, scraping, turning, twisting and dragging the tools over the sand, making beautiful patterns as they went.
They collected seaweed and shells from the sand, then took great pride in using them to decorate their creations.  
The clever grown ups at Eccleston George made the fabulous tools completely from recycled materials and when it comes to making things from recycled  materials, Daring Dan Recycle Man, is an absolute champion.
Daring Dan Recycle Man has invented and made everything from a wicky wacky
page turning machine to an outrageous and enormous wooden tricycle, which he pedalled all the way to Spain!!!!!!!!!
It isn't easy to find the words that best describe the genius that is Daring Dan, so let's see if Mrs Crayon can string a few verbs together to help sum him up. 

Daring Dan Recycle Man

Measure it, draw it,
Hammer it, saw it.
Mix it,  fix it,
He'll fly it if he can.
Shake it up, break it up,
Start again and make it up,
Heat it in a furnace,
Cool it in a pan.

Grind it, bind it,
loose it, find it,
Pedal it, paddle it,
Float it on the sea.
Cut it, butt it,
Open it and shut it.
Mould it, fold it,
Wind it with a key.

Cast it, blast it,
Throw it in the basket. 
Load it, explode it,
Take cover Daring Dan!
Wrap it, strap it,
Bottle it and cap it,
Have a cup of tea,
Then start another plan.

Stretch it, shrink it,
Tape it, link it.
File it, Style it,
Make it shiny bright.
Plane it, stain it,
Don't forget to drain it,
Add a few screws,
Then do them up tight.

Oil it, boil it,
Be careful not to spoil it.
Tow it, show it,
Everybody wants to see.
Ride it, guide it,
Can we go inside it?
Dan is a GENIUS,
And as busy as a bee!

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