Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Stubborn wellies and hairy legs

It was a grey and rainy day at Whippy Cove today. But in the little school called Sunnyside, spirits were high and the rain didn't deter the little learners from having great fun learning in the outdoor environment. Donned with wellies and macs, the little learners happily participated in their numeracy activities just as if it was a warm and sunny summer's day. Mrs Crayon didn't have her wellies in school today, so Mrs Very Jolly kindly lent her pair to Mrs Crayon. The only draw back was that it meant Mrs Crayon had to cram her size 6 feet into Mrs Very Jolly's size 3 wellies. Mrs Crayon managed to get them on, she just couldn't get them off! There appeared to be some kind of suction scenario going on, so that the harder the little learners pulled, the more the wellies stayed on!

"It's just not coming off Mrs Crayon!"

Throughout this week the little learners are focusing on rhyme and alliteration in literacy, and in numeracy the focus is shape and pattern. Mrs Crayon looks forward to when the little learners are introduced to shape. It means she has the opportunity to work with them using her interactive resource. It was designed and made by her specifically to make the introduction of shape a little less abstract and a lot more fun. The resource is a character called Dot. She is an extraordinary spider and she lives in a garden full of beautiful flowers. Just like every other spider she has eight legs, but unlike any other spider, Dot has legs which are brightly coloured and covered with special patterns,(shapes.) That is... she has seven legs that are brightly coloured and covered with special patterns, one of her legs is covered with lots and lots of....HAIR!!! 
Dot is actually a character that Mrs crayon is developing for a children's picture book. It tells the story of a spider who adores her seven special legs, she just can't stand her one hairy leg! She goes to great lengths to hide it and disguise it, but all her attempts fail. Then she meets the man who looks after the garden full of beautiful flowers and when she sees his hairy leg, she realises she has nothing to worry about!

Until she becomes a picture book one day, Dot will continue to play a small part in helping little learners to identify two dimensional shapes during their numeracy activities.  

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