Sunday, 30 September 2012

Sing a song of Harvest

After four days of hectic baking activities, there was just enough time to squeeze in two more this morning. Miss Kind and Mrs Jolly were in charge of icing sixty fairy cakes with the little learners, whilst Mrs Caring and Mrs Crayon rustled up a batch of delicious rock cakes aided by lots of very willing little helpers. The little learners have thoroughly enjoyed their week of weighing, sieving, pouring, mixing, melting and baking. They now refer to the recipe book as the "cooking instructions," the food as the "ingredients" and they can identify and name all the cooking utensils correctly. They have counted, predicted, talked about their own cooking experiences, retold the story of "The Gingerbread Man" from memory and drawn and painted some wonderful gingerbread man pictures. 

You can look, but you can't touch!

Just before lunch Mrs Very Jolly called the children to the carpet for some whole group time to talk about people who help us. On the Smart board the little learners looked at pictures of people in the community who help us like, doctors, dentists, vets, lifeguards, teachers, etc. The little learners were invited to come and stand up at the front of the group to talk about their experiences of someone who has helped them. After hearing some lovely stories about very helpful mummies and daddies, one little learner put his hand up to speak to the group about something that happened whilst on the beach at Whippy Cove. He told the group how some naughty boys had thrown water bombs at him. "How sad." remarked Mrs Very Jolly. "Did someone come to help you?" she asked. Thinking he was going to say that a policeman, a lifeguard, or even a traffic warden came to his rescue, he said. "No, I ran after them and kicked them in the peanuts!"
"Oh!" said Mrs Very Jolly rather shocked and stunned. "Lets move on shall we." Mrs Very Jolly managed to remain calm and composed for a few minutes, until she made the fatal mistake of clapping eyes on Mrs Crayon who had been taking notes on all the little learners comments, but was now bent double over the sink with a lot of water coming out of her eyes!!! Poor Mrs Very Jolly, that was it for her unfortunately, her own tears immediately began to flow. Luckily there was a box of tissues close by, which she hastily grabbed to cry into!

The only drawing Mrs Crayon is prepared to do in order to illustrate this charming story is this.......

What a wonderful afternoon! The parents and carers filled the hall at sunnyside School. They chatted, mingled and consumed iced fairy cakes, delicious rock cakes and all manner of ginger less men. Just before home time the little learners lined up in front of them all to sing their harvest songs. Mrs Very Jolly mentioned the Christmas word to the parents and carers, just to prime them for a future fun filled afternoon of tea and mince pies and a Christmas sing a long.

There's always one!



  1. Love the diplomatic peanut illustration! :D

  2. I thought long and hard how best to illustrate this one !!!!